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Creations By Hellena: When I create, I connect with YOU!

In create and design handmade jewelry using semi-precious stones, precious metals, wood and alcohol ink. My home decor line consist of coaster/trivets, charcuterie boards and serving trays designed with a food-safe resin and alcohol ink creating functional art for the home.

I'm always excited to see who will be drawn to my creations and why. With jewelry it could be because it's pretty or that they like the design. Many times it's because the stones speak to what they want more of in life. My home decor, like my jewelry, is created to match your spirit and style. My abstract designs go from minimalist to bold splashes of color. “I create art that allows people to see through their imagination.” 


Bringing people into the process of design creates a special relationship. For me, it's an opportunity to experience someone else's creative thinking and align it with my own. For the client, it's an opportunity for their creative ideas to manifest. Sometimes we're working with and idea and other times it's a piece of jewelry in need of a make-over. Whatever the reason, it's an opportunity for me to create with you!

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