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When we decide to retire or sell our business to do other things with our time, we are faced with some challenges that are common to everyone: Do we have enough money and assets to maintain our lifestyle? Is there any defense against market volatility? What if we live a lot longer than expected? What about inflation and rising health care costs?

In the past, a lot of pension plans would guarantee 70 or 80% of the employee’s salary until they passed away. This is very rare nowadays and we must learn how to manage and protect our assets, so we don’t outlive them.

Certainty was taken away. Those old pension plans were calculated by Actuaries who would determine how much an employer should deposit in an account so the employee would have a certain amount of income after retirement.

Actuarial science is the field of study relating to the quantification of risk using math, probability, and statistics. Actuarial science intends to solve the financial implications of uncertain future events. Products manufactured by insurance companies bring back actuarial science. The right balance between Insurance products and investments can bring certainty back.

In Team Financial Partners we have a lot of experience creating retirement strategies that make the use of our money more efficient and produce more spendable income. Whether you are a business owner, self-employed or an employee allow me to have a conversation with you to see if I can be of service. My main objective is to become a source of useful information.


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